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MHS/MVTHS Library: Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources

When writing a paper or making a project, it is essential to understand that not all information is good information, especially when it is found online. The CRAAP Test is a handy checklist to use when evaluating resources. The test provides a list of questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not a source is reliable and credible enough to use in your academic research paper. CRAAP stands for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose.  

The CRAAP Test

The CRAAP Test 


Is the information up-to-date for your topic?


Does the information relate to your topic and is it at a good reading level for you?


Who is the author (or publisher, source, sponsor) and are they qualified to write about the topic?


Does the language seem unbiased and are there no grammatical errors?


What is the reason for the site? Is it to inform and teach or is it designed to sell, entertain, or persuade?

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